Dermasporin 100mg-mL oral solution for cats

Dermasporin 100mg-mL oral solution for cats

Cyclosporine 100 mg/mL

Indicated for the treatment of chronic manifestations of allergic dermatitis in cats.

Oral doses to be administered once daily, with or without food.

The recommended dose of cyclosporine is 7 mg/kg body weight (0.07 mL of oral solution per kg). Use the contents within 10 weeks of first broaching of the vial.

Discard the unused portion.

DERMASPORIN 100mg/mL Oral Solution for Cats can be given either mixed with food or directly into the mouth. If given with food, the solution should be mixed with a small amount of food, preferably after a sufficient period of fasting to ensure complete consumption by the cat. When given directly into the mouth with the syringe, insert the syringe directly into the cat’s mouth and deliver the entire dose.

DERMASPORIN 100mg/mL Oral Solution for Cats oral solution should initially be given daily until a satisfactory clinical improvement is seen, usually within 4–8 weeks. Patients should be regularly re-evaluated and treatment options reviewed.

Once the clinical signs of allergic dermatitis are satisfactorily controlled, the product can then be given every second day. In some cases where the clinical signs are controlled with every second day dosing, the veterinarian can give DERMASPORIN 100mg/mL Oral Solution for Cats every 3 to 4 days. Treatment may be stopped when the clinical signs are controlled.

Upon recurrence of clinical signs, treatment should be resumed at daily dosing, and in certain cases, repeated treatment courses may be required.

5mL & 17mL
Category : Cats

An aid in treatment of allergic dermatitis in cats

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